Sekonix Camera showing pink tint

Hi, I am using the NVIIDA Sekonix camera which comes with the Drive PX2 Autochauffer platform. When I look at the images, sometimes it shows a pinkish tint on white roadmarkings. Why is that? And how can I make the image look more natural (e.g., by change the setting of the camera driver)?

Here’s the example:


Dear jiaweih,

Could you let us know your used command to capture the image?

And please try to use below command and check the images. Thanks.
cd ~/drive-t186ref-linux/samples/nvmedia/tools/ipp_capture
./x11/nvmipp_capture -cf drive-px2-a.conf -c dvp-ss3323-rccb-raw12-1920x1208-ab -d 0 --save-icp raw --save-isp jpg -s 10 -n 5 -f test_img

Hi, Steve. How should I check the images? I have 0~4 total four images. What do they represent?

Dear jiaweih,

Once you use the HW_ISP and save as human vision, you can use tool for nvmedia as I previous mentioned.
Please refer to below link.

If you want to see the screen, just test as follows.
./x11/nvmipp_capture -cf drive-px2-a.conf -c dvp-ss3323-rccb-raw12-1920x1208-ab -d 0

Would you like to compare the image that you have attached with an image captured in the way I mentioned you? Thanks.

Dear SteveNV

Hi Steve

where is nvmipp_capture src??

I can’t find /usr/local/driveworks/sample &


Please take a look at below path: