Select organization for NGC

I signed up for NGC and have an account & tokens, but I cannot select which organization/team I want to be in - particularly I am unable to access NVstreamer.

Where in NGC can I add the right organizations/teams to access the docker image for e.g. NVstreamer?

Can you refer here: How to join the release team of moj org? - #4 by kesong ?

I do not have this option in my UI.

Please refer: Quick Start Guide — Metropolis on Jetson documentation 0.1.0 documentation

Apply NGC access through devzone; setup NGC account

Go to Metropolis Microservices. Apply through the devzone portal for an NGC account. After receiving invitation email from NGC, follow instructions to join the ‘release’ team in ‘moj’ org.

Where do I apply on that Metropolis microservice accounts webpage? I already have an Nvidia account and I dont see any obvious options there to enroll?
In my account settings I also dont see where I could change to the moj group.

Click " Download for Jetson Orin", enter your account, and then you can see the requesting page.

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Did the permission issue get resolved?

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