Selecting a Quadro

Hi, so I’m in the process of selecting a quadro. Question is, how do you do that? For gaming GPUs, you basically go something like:

1060 - for 1080
1070/1080 - for 1440
Titan - 4k

or at least something like that.

As far as I know, the P2000 is a GTX 1060 equivalent
P4000 is a 1070
P5000 for 1080 etc

So do you basically use the same logic when selecting quadros? Match them with monitor resolution?

I know quadros can display multiple monitors in 4P but the question is, can they?

Obviously there’s more to it than that like what is the intended application, VR, viz, memory sizes etc, but just looking at resolutions at the moment.

There’s also probably a whole bunch of stuff I don’t know.


Choosing a Quadro mostly comes down to the type of professional visualization you wish to do, whether it be computer aided design, computer generated imagery, digital content creations, etc. The type of Quadro consumers choose depends on the quality and the quantity of the work they have to get done in the professional visualization field.

Yes, all Quadro GPUs starting from Quadro P400 support multiple 4k displays.

These are the list of all available Quadros:

Click on the link, and click on “Datasheet” on the bottom of the GPUs displayed, It will take you to a webpage which will provide the specs you are looking for.


Ryan Park

Is there anything related to Vulkan that needs to be taken into consideration?