Selecting dev/debug environment for Xavier


I looking to develop an embedded opencv/gpu/linux application on the Xavier platform. Initial hardware is expected to be Jetson Xavier dev kit. What is the most full featured development environment for this target that allows

  1. C/C++ development,
  2. Debug with breakpoints,
  3. Profiling performance and optimization, and
  4. Fast code modify, run, test iterations?

From some pages, it seems linux based tools (Nsight + Eclipse?) would do that. But they don’t mention C++ which makes me uncomfortable.

From other pages, it seems that Nsight Tegra + Visual Studio + Windows 10 would be preferred. But they don’t mention Xavier.

I am flexible in choosing Windows, Mac or Linux. If I were to choose Win 10, I’d go with Visual Studio. On Linux/Mac, it seems Eclipse is the only option (although I’d prefer Clang or VSCode if possible).

Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.