Selecting portable power supply from

Would you share any suggestions on what battery to use with NX?

We don’t have such recommendation. You can search that in forum or to see if someone has experience can be shared. In general, the battery that can output 4.75V - 5.25V @ 5A should be OK.

Hi @Trumany,

I have a 5V 4A PoE, would it be okay to use it for NX?

In general use case, it is OK.

Does it mean that NXZ can be powered by 5v provided via the enthernet LAN port? or that it can generate 5V on the enhernet LAN port in order to power other devices? Both? Neither of the two?

There is option header on board to expose DC voltage present on ethernet jack.

Thank you for your response!
Does it mean that NX can not be powered via LAN, but can power via the LAN other devices?
Vice versa? both?
Does the “option header” need a jupmer in order to expose DC voltage present on ethernet port?
Does it expose the voltage tro the board or to the copper LAN calke?
How to locate on the board the option header?

Please check the reference schematic, J19 on board is the option header, it needs to connect to system 5V.

does it work two directions?
so that incoming to LAN port 5v connected to the system 5v will power up the NX?
also if Nx is powered through a jack, the 5v will be exposed to device connected over LAN?

It depends on your usage since system 5V is connected to 5v of LAN.

BTW, there is voltage/current limit on PoE supply, such as 36V in minimum and 350mA in maximum in PoE mode.