Selection / Manipulation outline when grabbing


When selecting an object in a scene, the selected object becomes “outlined” with an orange border, meaning the object is selected and can be moved. That can be done with the “move” mode in the controller. To “un-outline,” we press the trigger button.

The same behavior happens when inspecting closer or “grabbing” the object. Sometimes I need to check a detail the outline covers. I need then to release the object, trigger, and see the detail; if I need another angle, I need to do it repeatedly. Not much practical.

I agree with outlining the object when it is distant, but I don’t think we need to have the outline when I’m with the object in my hands to inspect the details.

Is that possible to disable the outline only when grabbing an object?


  • Gustavo

Hello @barizon! I’ve asked the dev team if this is possible to do. I’ll report back as soon as I hear back from them!

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Hello @barizon! The development team informed me that there currently isn’t a way to turn off the selection highlighting, just the size and color. I’ve sent this over to the team as a feature request!

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A feature request ticket was created from this post. OC-1353: Selection / Manipulation outline when grabbing

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Thanks, Wendy!