Self-collision detection of a manipulator using Overlap_mesh in Isaac Sim


I’m implementing a function that detects the manipulator’s self collision.

The number of collisions is returned with the overlap_mesh introduced in the link below.

Forum link about Overlap_mesh function

Also, with Filtered_Pairs, we try to ignore the collision with [VGC10], which is an adjacent mesh.

However, as shown in the figure below, an unknown collision occurs and the return of ‘2’ occurs.

Ultimately, I would like to implement my manipulator to be aware of collisions with other meshes except adjacent meshes.

In this case, which parameter of Overlap_mesh or collision filter should be modified?

Thank you.

scene queries currently dont use same filtering logic as simulation collision detection. You would have to filter out the results yourself at this point.
Expanding the scene queries for filtering rules is something that we have not yet designed.
Sorry about that,

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