Self defined Xavier carrier board can't recognize Micro-USB and USB3.0 TYPE-A

Dear ,

We designed one own Xavier carrier board, we remove the TCA6408, TCA9539 and U502/U156/U517(TS3USB30E USB2.0 MUX), I tried to modify the dts tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000-common.dtsi, but our Micro-USB2.0, USB3.0 Type-A still don’t work, can you give me some advices?


Hi dennis,
Do you see any failure in boot log? Please share full boot log for reference.

Dear DaneLLL,

We do not use the switch such as U502(TS3USB30E) , and U63(TCA6408) .
There is nothing lsusb command, no usb controller is found, must be dts configuration mismatch with our board.

nvidia@jetson-0424418058628:~$ lsusb -t
nvidia@jetson-0424418058628:~$ lsusb

a601.cb.noUsb.log (57.5 KB)
A601_MB_Schematic.pdf (3.09 MB)

hi dennis,
Does your custom board same as our Xavier developer board? On Xavier, we only support PCIE/USB HW layout same as our developer board.

Dear DaneLLL,

We designed PCIE/USB very different with Xavier EVB, but the same as TX2 carrier board.
What do you mean same as the developer board? USB SWITCH, GPIO Expander and TYPE-C PD chip must the same as the developer board?


Hi dennis,
Yes, Vavier developer board is the only configuration verified by NVIDIA. If you design a custom board with deviation, please contact NVIDIA salesperson so that we can have further cooperation.

Dear DaneLLL,

Okay, I will contact with the business and local tech window for this.

Thanks so much.

Dear DaneLLL,

I commit another issue about UPHY1 used as a PCIe instead of USB3.1, can you help to confirm this?
Thank you.

This also requires further cooperation since it is different from Xavier developer board.