Self developed carrier board of jetson tx1 can not power on

Hi Gents,

We want to develop our own carrier board of tx1, refer to the Page 12,System-on-Module Data Sheet of Jetson TX1, and we use the recommended circuit,alse the PWR_BIN,RST_OUT and CARRIER_PWR_ON levels are the same to the reference.Unfortunately, we didn’t made it.In addition, the module that we are testing can run on demo carrier board.

below is signals change when power on our own carrier board

the green is PWR_BIN, blue is RST_OUT and red is CARRIER_PWR_ON

but we detect the demo carrier board are like this

could anyone point out where is the problem,


For demo carrier board timing, why the CARRIER_PWR_ON is 5V high before PWR_BTN pressed? It is impossible, are you sure it is correct signal?

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