[SELF-RESOLVED] ChatRTX v0.3 - Installation of Gemma model fails


It seems that 32GB of main memory was not enough.
After increasing the virtual memory, the installation no longer failed.

I had allocated 5GB of virtual memory to 32GB of main memory, but this seemed to be insufficient.

The ChatRTX (ver 0.3 - using Mistral_4_24_Final installer) installs successfully, but the Gemma model install fails.
Gemma model downloads successfully.

Windows … 11 Pro (23H2)
RTX is used … RTX4080
GeForce Driver … v552.44
Free space on C: … 800GB M.2 NVMe
Total memory capacity … 32GB DDR5
Installation directory … C:\Users****\AppData\Local\NVIDIA\ChatRTX\

Hi minumognk_nvdev, may I ask how did you increased the virtual memory? are you talking about the page file?