Semantics Schema Editor & Visualization using Point Instancers


I am having problems using point instancers along with semantic data, and I wanted to know what was the correct way of going about this. To give context, I have some rocks scattered inside a scene, and I am using a UsdGeom.PointInstancer for that. All of the rocks are being assigned a class and then added to the cache of the instancer. When I visualize the instance segmentation, the rocks that have the same model are considered as the same instance:

If I randomize their position, the scene looks like that:

This is weird seeing that the instance id segmentation does show them as individual objects.

Small detail there are 4 assets in the cache, so the times when I have more than 4 out off all the rocks are really puzzling me.

I am a bit confused as to what can cause the issue. Surely I am doing something wrong when I am creating/randomizing the instances. Could someone point me in the right direction?



I’m also joining a script for reproduction purposes: (4.4 KB)

The only thing needed is some assets on which semantic data has been applied beforehand.

The behavior is as follow, loading the scene the instancer will work properly. Though, if one of its properties changes it will start to behave weirdly.