Send Timestamp Information using Gstreamer along with video frames for real time streaming


I am a beginner with Gstreamer, trying to send multiple camera feeds (6) from a Jetson Xavier for a realtime application. I was able to use the gst-launch cmd to transfer the frames seamlessly but couldn’t find a way to send time stamp for every frame that is streamed. Requirement: frame1, it’s time stamp1, frame2, timestamp2… or any other way to send the time stamp information across along with the video would be really helpful. Thanks.

I was able to embed the start time of the stream onto the video. eg: video has ‘00:00:00’ embedded in each frame which I am NOT looking for. I would like to send in the Absolute time - ’ 23:13:05:89’ (hh:mm:ss:ms) format if there’s a way.

Any possible links to some source code would also be much appreciated.