Sending custom message from Isaac to ROS

I am trying to send a custom message to ROS, and due to how it needs to be structured, none of the provided converters can be adapted. I’ve read the ROS bridge documentation, and created my custom ROS package which contains my message structure, which has been added to the ros.bzl file. Even after studying the samples provided and documentation, I am unable to import my ROS message structure in an Isaac codelet. I am currently using catkin_make in my ROS package that contains the message, and it runs without incident, however it does not sem to generate the .h file for me to include my message elsewhere as it has no dependencies inside the ROS package. Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks for the help,

Hi Felix,

Would you verify that these are the steps you have taken please?

  1. You modified engine/build/scripts/ to include your package.
  2. Using this script (engine/build/scripts/ melodic my_ros_package), you created my_ros_package.tar.gz without getting any errors.
  3. Your tar.gz has headers such as include/sensor_msgs/Image.h but not a header for your message type.


Hello OguzSaglam,
yes, I took all those steps. I have found that copying my custom message header file from a separate ROS package (created and built with catkin) into the ROS package create by isaac, and placing it with all the header files which came included with the default isaac package (as built by has allowed me to use my custom message type in my isaac c++ codelet. I am unsure if this is the intended method, or a dodgy workaround, however it seems to work.

Thank you for your reply.
Kind regards,

Great to hear that you got it to work Felix, thanks for the update. I would expect to pick those files. Thanks for bringing the issue up.