Sending data from Arduino Mega to Jetson TX2 using ttyTHS2 by bluetooth

Hello. I am still new to Jetson TX2. Currently i am trying to send data from my Arduino to TX2 using UART (J17 port) by bluetooth. I am using Pyserial library for Python to receive this data. My problem is when using this port (ttyTHS2) i don’t receive anything, but if i used USB (ttyUSB0) it receives data without any problem. I read a lot of similar topics but i got confused on what should i do and how to do it. Hope you can help me.

Just a list of some things to check…

  • Normally you would use 3.3V TTL logic levels on this connector. Is it 3.3V?
  • If speed is at or below 115200, then you only need one stop bit. If speed is over this, then you need two stop bits.
  • Noise can get in the way.
    • Prefer shorter wires over longer wires.
    • Prefer twisted pair over non-twisted pair.
    • Prefer shielded over non-shielded.
  • Not all accounts have direct access to serial devices. Often you need to either use "sudo" or be a member of group "dialout". However, this will be obvious because you will get a permission denied error.
  • Test on loopback:
    • Short the local TX and RX lines. This means your local and remote settings will always agree with each other and noise won't be a problem
    • If desired, short CTS to RTS. Without this you have to disable flow control.
    • If you started with CTS/RTS flow control, then try with this disabled at both ends.
    • I prefer to check with gtkterm on loopback. An example command line from the Jetson (you can edit parameters for your desired speed and other setup):
      sudo gtkterm -b 8 -t 1 -s 115200 -p /dev/ttyTHS2

My problem was in the bluetooth modules i used. Thanks for your help thou