Sending Inband metadata using Gstreamer 1.0

We have here a question regarding sending Inband metadata using Gstreamer 1.0. The platform used is Jetson TX1. In our application we want to send some metadata (in the form of KLV) together with the H264 video frames over a communication link to a receiving side. According to the following link

it seems to be possible to send both text (metadata) and H264 video frames on the same RTP/UDP stream using mpegtsmux and metasrc plugins.
However performing gst-inspect-1.0 on our machine doesn’t show that metasrc plugin exist in our setup.Also in the latest documentation this Plugin does not appear
Do you have any idea/knowledge why this happens?
If you can provide an example or a link that will help us solve this issue, it will be very helpful.
We are using Ubuntu16.04 together with Jetpack 3.0

We do not have implementation for metadata. Please other users can share experience.