Sensor driver error when ISP with NITO file is enabled

Software Version
DRIVE OS Linux and DriveWorks 5.10

Hardware Platform


We are using LI-IMX-490 cameras under DriveOS We got a driver from Leopard Imaging that works when the ISP is disabled:

sudo ./nvsipl_camera -c "LI-IMX490-RGGB-GMSL2_DPHY_x4" -m "0x0001 0x0000 0x0000 0x0000" --showfps --disableISP0Output --disableISP1Output --disableISP2Output --enableRawOutput

But when we try to run it with ISP enabled with a NITO file we get the following error:

sudo /nvsipl_camera -c "LI-IMX490-RGGB-GMSL2_DPHY_x4" -m "0x0001 0x0000 0x0000 0x0000" --showfps --disableISP1Output --disableISP2Output --nito /usr/share/camera/
Pipeline: 0 ISP Output: 0 is using YUV 420 SEMI-PLANAR UINT8 BL REC_709ER
MAX96712: Revision 5 detected
MAX96712 Link 0: PHY optimization was enabled
MAX9295: Read device ID 0x91
MAX9295: Revision 8 detected!
0x51 0x42 0x9 0x40
Sensor IMX490 Rev 8 RGGB detected!
IMX490: revision id 0x8
IMX490: set default setting
IMX490: enable streaming
nvsipl_camera: Opened NITO file for module "LI-IMX490-RGGB-GMSL2", file name: "/usr/share/camera/LI-IMX490-RGGB-GMSL2.nito"
nvsipl_camera: ERROR: SetSiplControl(NV) failed for ISP output of sensor:0

raised PROGRAM_ERROR : unhandled signal

Leopard Imaging tried to trace the issue “SetSiplControl(NV) failed for ISP output of sensor” in their driver code, but it points to some invisible call and implementation, most probably in, so they asked us to contact you for support.

Could you please help us figuring out what can cause the issue above?

Regarding camera driver development, it’s important to note that such topics are outside the scope of forum support. Additionally, the camera module you’re utilizing doesn’t seem to be listed in our supported device table. We recommend that Leopard Imaging reaches out to their NVIDIA support channel for further assistance in resolving the issue you’ve encountered.

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