Sensor fuse id and eeprom reading on demand


I sucessfully developed camera sensor driver. The problem is that I used ser-des, so reading fuse id and eeprom can be done after setup the link and sensor only. I do not read these parameters during the probe, because I prefer to read them after camera is running, in set_mode step. Camera framework calls “…fill_string_ctrl” before these parameters are physically read in set_mode. How to make a additional call to “…fill_string_ctrl” function with specified control id in set_mode step?


The fill_string_ctl() was called during the driver register.(tegracam_v4l2subdev_register)
Why do you need addition call?

Thanks for your reply. I would like to use frame grabber based on Jetson Xavier for long term camera tests.
Eeprom should be read many times during the tests. I also need to rea registers from camera, like frames counter, temp sensor…etc

I think you can modify the sensor driver to match your case.

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