Sensor HDR and isp

I have my own imx290 driver. But my gain fluctuate and also I don’t know how to activate and control HDR, because in scenes with very different brightness, the image is saturated. Please guide me. I don’t see HDR information in imx290 datasheet and I’m confused that HDR is controllable via dts or isp or driver!

You need to consult with sensor vendor to get the HDR sensor REG configure to add it to the sensor driver and dts of the sensor mode.
Did you design your own sensor board?

Yes, we design own sensor board, but it is similar to leopard imx290 module.
In imx290 datasheet there is no info about HDR registers. please share a dts with hdr configuration, any sensor, Just for example

You can check with the imx270 reference sensor. You can download the driver source and dts from below doc.

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