Sensor ov5693 isp,vi and nvcsi probe failed on TX2 custom board

I have a custom board of Tx2 having ov5693 with one line configuration.
my probe get success but video node is not created also probe of vi,nvcsi and isp get failed.
[ 22.098946] isp 15600000.isp: initialized

[ 22.099188] isp 15600000.isp: isp_probe: failed

[ 22.103898] isp: probe of 15600000.isp failed with error -22

[ 22.112575] nvcsi 150c0000.nvcsi: initialized

[ 22.112820] nvcsi: probe of 150c0000.nvcsi failed with error -22

[ 22.115564] tegra-vi4 using default number of vi channels,15

[ 22.125168] tegra-vi4 initialized

[ 22.136564] tegra-vi4: probe of failed with error -22

Any help will be appreciated.

hello anupam.kumar,

you should resolve the probing failures.
please review your sensor device tree settings, for example, Property-Value Pairs.

due to the reference driver implement OV5693 sensor driver with 2-lane configuration.
you might also review the pixel_clk_hz property settings for your 1-lane settings.
please also check you’re having correct sensor init register default settings.