Sequencer glitch on Create

Hi, just want to inform, I enabled Sequencer on Create but the play head is stuck.
Is there a fix for this?

Hi @Wintoons! I did a search of our open bugs and did come across the same issue that you have reported here.

  • OM-39567 [Sequencer] Sequencer on Create Time Line Doesn’t Move When Played

A fix for it is currently being tested by our QA team for release.

Can you open Create and open the Window > Extensions panel and let me know what versions you have for the following extensions? (They should all be the same version.)

  • Sequencer Window > Animation omni.kit.window.sequencer
  • Sequencer Core > Other omni.kit.sequencer.core
  • Sequencer USD > Services omni.kit.sequencer.usd

Ok here they are…

Sequencer Window v102.1.21
sequencer Core v102.1.2
Sequencer USD v102.1.5
USD Sequence Schema v1.0.9

@Wintoons Appreciate the information. I sent it over to the team and I will post back when I hear from them!

Hi @Wintoons! The dev team suggested trying this to fix the issue:

Try closing then re-opening the sequencer window. Then click the hamburger-icon and redraw sequencer.

Let me know if this helps or if you have more questions!

No. It still doesn’t work :(

Well, I still can’t use it. Any word that it’s going to be fixed?

All extensions related to Camera & Animations aren’t working for me or are extremely buggy and not usable. Hope they will be fixed in the next release.

Yeah same here. I’ve seem to have notice that the sequencer and the camera keyframer have got bugs even in Machinima. Not sure much about Create because I don’t use it for animation, only for layout design. I do all my animation work in Machinima.