Serial and I2C communication In Jetson TX2.


As I am very new to this application,kindly guide me how to lay down a serial and i2c communication in the jetson tx2 step by step.

Also let me know which packages to be installed and the python code to download such package.

many Thanks.

Most of that I can’t answer. One point you’ll find useful if by “serial” you mean serial UART is the naming of the device special file…the “/dev/ttyS#” interfaces are standard 16550 style drivers, while the “/dev/ttyTHS#” interfaces are the NVIDIA DMA version of the same thing. The only useful ttyS interface is ttyS0, and this is reserved for the serial console. Most people will use the ttyTHS2 if they don’t have a camera…this goes to the J17 connector and is a standard 3.3V TTL level UART. Do not use both a ttyTHS and a ttyS at the same time, you can’t drive the same UART with two drivers at the same time.

I have no experience with i2c.