Serial Connection from DrivePX to RTK Device


I try to integrate a serial connection from the Drive PX to a RTK Device.
I was not able to get the UART running, because the DrivePX is not connected to the UART Kabel.
Is this correct? Is there another way to create a serial connection from the Drive PX.

Integraton of a pl2303 USB to serial device was also not possible into the Linux.
sudo modprobe pl2303 # Does not work since the kernel has not the proper drivers.
How can I integrate the USB to Serial device? Is a kernel rebuild necessary?

Kind regards

Dear tobias.augspurger,

DPX2 has UART port in harness cable and we use the port to update Aurix F/W.
So could please update DPX2 PDK to Beta3.0 and Aurix FW? And then re-try to connect your device? Thanks.