Serial connection issue with teensy after 35.4.1 update


We are using the Jetson AGX Orin Dev kit, we have been having an issue with the serial communication between our Jetson Orin and our teensy, since we upgraded to 35.4.1 when we were using 35.3.1 this was not an issue and the serial communication was correctly working. Aside from the update to 35.4.1 everything else has remained the same, we have tried a couple of Teensys and also our original Arduino which has the same issue. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Typically it will work well up to speeds of 115200. Faster speeds may have issues due to clock timings (somewhat helped via two stop bits instead of the default one stop bit). Also, this is without CTS/RTS flow control, so if one half uses flow control and the other does not, it won’t work the way you expect. You’d probably have to provide a more detailed description of things like speeds, flow control settings, so on for there to be more help.

One thing you could test, even if you don’t have a logic analyzer, is just to see if the TX and RX pins are showing activity (it’s a differential pair, so a two channel scope showing differential between the two is how the signal is interpreted, but just to see if it is functioning you might want to measure TX and RX individually just to see if there is a signal; similar for the CTS/RTS pins).

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