Serial Debug Cable Info Available

I just noticed that some kind soul has added info to make a serial debug cable to the new JetsonTX1 wiki on elinux:

How about a section for getting the camera going next?



I removed info about getting FTDI going – that’s only needed to get serial info into the TX1 via an FTDI to USB adapter.

It was linuxdev, hats off to him! Great guide.

Great guide indeed.

All serial console ports for ARM CPUs I have accessed so far can work with only 3 wires, i.e., TD/RD/GND. If I have TX1, I’d try 3 wires without CTS/RTC first.

It’s easier to connect USB/TTL adapter to TX1 with 3 wires.

The CTS/RTS tends to depend on the serial console side of the software…not everyone uses it, and often you can just revert to “software flow control”. I’ve never found such a serial console where the CTS/RTS actually mattered, but in theory the longer your cable is the more likely it would matter (I’ve never used long runs of cable). In the case of a short jumper and then traveling as USB you probably can get away without CTS/RTS. But for completeness, it is included.

On the Jetson TX1, I have successfully been using a 4 pin USB to TTL Serial Cable - Debug/Console cable for Raspberry Pi (from Adafruit) connected to an Ubuntu PC running Minicom 115,200 8N1, software flow control with no issues for a while now. The cable is about 3 feet long. The red wire on the cable is not connected to the Jetson, of course. Those types of cable are ubiquitous, and can be had for just a few bucks. I already had one laying about that volunteered for the job.

I’ve only been able to find one or two different cables that terminate with 6 separated female 2.54mm sockets that include CTS/RTS, though it is more fun to make your own cable like discussed on the wiki.

Yes, I was using an Adafruit cable with a 3-wire connection, too. It works, but the driver occasionally blue-screens my Windows 7 PC. It supposedly uses a Prolific chip, but Prolific warns that it chip has been counterfeited, so maybe I got a bad one. I’m going to stick with FTDI from now on.