Serial Port Problem...!

Hi! I am developing on the TX1 reference board.
There is critical problem. It is relate to serial ports and system is down entirely when open ‘/dev/ttyTHS1’.
After all, system is reset because of watchdog.
Under L4T-24.2.1, there is no problem but after updated to L4T-28.1, that phenomenon alwarys occurrs.
Please check this problem.

I don’t know what all of the watchdog timer configuration is for a Jetson, but if you are saying that losing ttyTHS1 causes a watchdog trigger and you don’t want watchdog timers, then this would be a fairly standard watchdog configuration. You might test “sudo echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/watchdog” and see if this does what you want. Additionally, if you know of some specific module needing to be excluded from watchdog, examine “/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-watchdog.conf”.

This isn’t watchdog’s problem but serial-port’s one. When open ‘/dev/ttyTHS1’ programatically, TX1 board is dead completely and only way to recover is to reset it by hand or watchdog timer.

Does a serial console program work with the ttyTHS1 in loopback? Are you using hardware flow control?