Serial-to-WiFi & BLE Combo Module

Has anyone ever done any Serial to Wifi module addons over UART? I am curious if this Combo Module will work on the jetson tk1 through the expansion header?

This is the closest tutorial I could find.

Lots of schematics and drawings for wiring up USB also so looks to be an interesting project :)

Haven’t tried one, it looks like the device could work (as you mentioned, level shifters would be needed for 3.3V and 1.8V for UART to expansion header conversions).

If you want it for serial console, options include doing some software magic in both kernel/firmware config and u-boot config to reroute serial console to a header (you might be able to leave out u-boot changes if you don’t need to select kernels or use interactive u-boot features…but you would have to ensure that that there is no output to u-boot if you do that). The schematic for JTK1 looks like it uses 3.3V on the RS232 (you could just put an oscilloscope on TXD and find out…my faithful oscilloscope died, can’t check it myself), so there is a possibility that the 3.3V UART interface would work directly from a 9-pin D-sub without bothering with all of the software issues of changing serial console to another UART on a header (and would perhaps work without even a level shifter for the RS232 interface if used specifically with a JTK1…the device uses 3.3V I/O).

I was actually thinking I could use it as an actual Wifi adapter but I was wrong this has its own embedded arm soc. The UART connection is only an interface/console for logging from what I gathered on some research.

So the question still remains can one add the same BCM43341 i2c broadcom sdio chip somehow through the expansion header so we can add many more bluetooth and nfc functions in android?

The SPI and UART ports of this module are connected to arm soc, from hw perspective it should be ok to wire SPI or UART to TK1 via expansion connector (maybe need level shift), such as TS_SPI_xx and UART2_xx, they can be used for this.