Serializer/Deserializer Bits Configuration


We would like to connect a frame generator (serializer max96705/max9271) to the drivepx2.

Therefore we would need to know whether some bits are either set to high or low. These are the following: HorizontalSyncPolarity, VerticalSyncPolarity, DataEnablePolarity, PixelClockPolarity, LockOutputEnable, LockPolarity.

Where could we get this info from?

I appreciate the support. Thanks!
Fabio Reway

Dear Reway,

Could you let us know which document you have mentioned above(HorizontalSyncPolarity, VerticalSyncPolarity, DataEnablePolarity, PixelClockPolarity, LockOutputEnable, LockPolarity)? Thanks.

Hello Steve,

We want to replace our AR0231 camera with a frame generator. These are requirements that come from the frame generator so that we are able to configure this device accordingly by setting the mentioned bits to high or low, as in the data exchange with the camera HW.

I assume that would enable us to establish connection and send image frames from the generator with the same camera serializer to the drivepx, as if these were being delivered by an image sensor, since then we know the data exchange protocol.

Thanks again.

I tried to get this info directly from the drivers, so I took a look into the nvmedia/ext_dev_prgm, but the cfg files there are blank. Are they restricted files?

Dear Reway,

Would you please help to check below link for your topic? Thanks.