Serious bug in latest version of cublas ?(v9.2) cublasZdotc_v2 crashes on windows 10 only

Hi All

I just installed the latest version of cublas on windows and it seems the call to cublasZdotc_v2 hangs/crashes immediately with any input. It seems like it’s actually a bug in the library, because the other versions of this call for float, complex float and double all work fine. In fact, this very same code worked completely fine on Linux. It’s just the windows version of cublas in which this function crashes. I am 99% sure I am giving it valid input and I didn’t previously corrupt memory.

When I comment out the use of this one function and replace it with one I wrote, my stress test code then runs happily for hours with the correct resulting being returned and with no crashes, hangs, or any problems.

Please let me know if there is specific information that would help debug this or if you want me to insert a code snippet and run it. Or, is this a known issue? I didn’t see any announcement of this anywhere.


it may be best to file a bug report at

Hi Bob

I would be happy to but I am not sure what the precise page is… the site is a bit confusing… sorry to ask such a basic question!


It is actually an excellent question. I am logged into my developer account and have been unable to find a bug-reporting form over the course of the past five minutes. The last time I filed a bug the developer site was organized quite differently, and the bug reporting form was just two or three steps away from the login page.

Found it! Log in; Click on your user name; Select “My account”; Select “Bugs” ->