Server 2008 R2 and S1070

Hi All,

Did they figure out a work around with Server 2008 R2 and the S1070 drivers needing a GPU card to run NVIDIA Control Panel /CUDA?

I would like to try the S1070s out in R2, but I don’t have any extra PCI ports and onboard vga is non-NVIDIA.



PS: I can disable onboard VGA in MOBO BIOS.

Can you install VNC on the machine and access it that way? That’s the easiest way I’ve found to get around the Remote Desktop situation (where Remote Desktop puts you in session 0, which can’t access the CUDA driver).

Other than that, there have been rumors here that nVidia is going to release a “compute-only” driver, which will fix this situation and also get rid of the watchdog timer.

same here, but I wonder if it will only be for HPC Server 2008? I’ll give VNC a shot, thanks!


Not rumors. It will support all Vista derivatives, so Vista, Win7, Server 08, 08 R2, HPC Server, etc.

ps: VNC isn’t going to fix anything, the problem is that you can’t have the standard VGA driver and the normal WDDM driver loaded concurrently.

what will support what? Is there a current solution to no NVIDIA VGA with the S1070 in Windows?



There’s a compute-only driver in beta testing now, should be available by the end of the year. Solves the problem of loading concurrent drivers, yes, along with Remote Desktop and a bunch of other things.

So I just pulled out an extra PCI card and through in a GForce 8400GS. I booted into R2 and intalled the Win 7 64 driver for 8***series, works fine, rebooted with HIC cards, Windows loads with the moving progress bar, but then the screen goes black. If I remove the HICs it works fine.

Should I uninstall 8*** drive and just install Tesla?




PS: I’m on the Academic Partnership Program, can I get that Beta driver, I’ll give you feedback, promise :) freaking windows…linux how i love thee

also, is there any documentation for Windows install of S1070s? I can only find the linux documentation.

Eh, let me see about expanding the beta…

So this is what I have a Tyan S7025 with onboard vga

I have 4 x HIC in the PCI 16x slots for 2 x Tesla S1070

In the PCI (32) slot I have a Gforce 8400GS

Question: When I install the latest driver download, I don’t get any status notifications after it creates the NVIDIA directory on the C drive. So in the NVIDIA folder I go into the driver window and click “setup” this takes me to the classic NVIDIA driver install, when i click it it loads files then disappears and my device manager flickers like crazy, trying to update or something. I assumed it installed since there was no status bar or notifications, but in task manager i see the driver app is still running…so I let it sit until all driver/nvidia processes are finish.

When I check the device manager, 4 of the 8 GPUs show up at S1060, if I restart my computer, right after logging in I will get another “restart your computer for changes to take place”, I assume its the Tesla driver still installing???

Final question, is the tesla driver the only NVIDIA driver I should have installed? Will it run the GForce 8400GS or do I need to install that driver too?