Server 2008 x64, win32 app using TCC?

Hey Guys,

I’m having trouble setting up my Tesla card to work with RDP, before I dig deeper I want to know if it is do-able.

I have a CUDA win32 application, that I’d like to run on a Server 2008 R2 x64 blade with Tesla M2070-Q using RDP, is this possible?


yes, although the Q part makes this a bit difficult. the Q defaults to WDDM, and you won’t be able to use nvidia-smi to enable TCC on the Q card without the WDDM driver loaded. however, the WDDM driver won’t load if there’s a non-WDDM display driver already running, and generally that’s true for 1Us. there’s a registry key you can set to enable TCC. this post is basically correct, although the final location will depend on which device node (0000, 0001, etc) corresponds to the M2070-Q.