Server 2012 r2 MHGH28-XTC

I currently have three machines with MHGH28-XTC with the 2.9 FW, 4.45 windows 2012r2 drivers. OpenSM is running on all three machines. This configuration was running ok on 2008r2, and since this fresh install they are showing up as “unplugged” no clue what might be causing the problem.


Yes they are 2.9.1 sorry I wasn’t that specific.


Any suggestions?

ConnectX® adapter cards are not supported by this release of WinOF(4.55)

I thought 2.9 was the highest firmware you could use on those cards.


you need to update the FW of your cards. download the MFT package and the right FW from Mellanox website.

Make sure you have 2.9.1000 release (Vs. just 2.9.0000)

Should be right there…