Server 2019 - GPU Acceleration slow, P4000

Hello, we have 3x Hyper-V Server 2019 with Nvidia Quadro P4000 Cards.

So we will migrate to W10 1909 (4x vCPU, Dynamic Memory) VDI Environment, so i will test some GPU Settings

GPOs active on Hypervisor & Windows 10 1909:

  1. Use Hardwaregraphicapter

  2. H.264 / AVC 444 - Graphicmode priorize

  3. H.264 / AVC 444 - Activiate Hardware encoding

On W10 VDI i see AVC 444 Mode in eventlog Nr. 162:

Der Client unterstüzt Version 0xA0600 des RDP-Grafikprotokolls, Clientmodus: 0, AVC aktiviert 1. Anfangsprofil: 2048

I make some test with Paint 3D, its very slow and the cpu usage will raise till 50-80% (for example my Notebook 5%?).

On the hypervisor i will see eventlog 170
"Encodername: NVIDIA H.264 Encoder MFT. Server: Servername", but not the VM Name.

Maybe AVC 444 Mode is active, but not the Hardware encoding on the VM

Do i forgot some settings, do i need other drivers, maybe cuda toolkit?

Regards Pascal


If you switch to 4.2.0 does that help with the experience?

Which remoting protocol are you using?



4.2.0 does not help.

RDP 10 Protocol.

So what i tested, i installed Windows 10 1809, setting up remotefx und what did happen?

remotefx works, its an old feature, but gold.

Graphicpower is available!

On Windows 10 1909 i got RDP error, maybe i need new Nvidia Driver on Hypervisor