Server Side Animation-Simulation Huge Data Storage Posibility with CUDA and SQL


I want to ask something. Is there a such CUDA referance for SQL? Its about CUDA cores can be used in SQL. If we have (POINT, POLYGON and RGB) arguments we can storage huge simulation data under SQL. And then we can calculate where data can be proccessed faster.

Same time already we can define distance in SQL. And then we can say this; there is a point with full saturated RGB params. It would be data of light. And giving and example if we define light effects on spatial tables or points as


it will be intensity of sun where affected on a place. k is emission factor of light, x is distance between light and polygon. RGB parameters of light will effect on polygon’s RGB params when distance low. We define simple shaded polygon or only affected by light when we multiply RGB params for polygon.

Actually we define only data for graphical arguments and we can use this data on web sites or other online services. At that time there is a problem with data optimization or transfering. Its next issue after solving SQL and simulation data issue.

I’m sorry for my English. Have a nice weekend.

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