I need help.

I have:

  • Xavier NX 16
  • 4 x IMX477 Motorized Lens
  • A205 baseboard

Does someone knows how to make those working with Jetpack 5, I need TensorRT and NX 16GB support.

Is there someone who wants to offer us services to get it working?


First, open the CSI connectors and put the camera ribbon cables in. Then put the Xavier NX 16 GB in the SODIMM connector. After that, install SDK manager on an Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 machine. Finally, flash Jetpack 5 with the SDK manager and I think you can check an option for installing TensorRT.

To help with flashing here is a tutorial for the A205 baseboard.

Yes, but the problem is that TensorRT in 4.6.1 and in 4.6.2 doesnt support 16GB NX, only 8GB.

And for jetpack 5 there is no kernel as i understood

You can used 4.6-rev3 (from memory), there is a overlay patch available for the 16GB module.

The A205 has become a major pain in the ass, as the manufacture hasn’t been able to get Jetpack 5 working stable and hasn’t released the required dtb, pinmux, etc to be able to use the board properly (For JP5 at least).

On JP 4.x you can use their provided files, and to use the IMX477, you just need to

  1. Install the IMX477 arducam driver (using their automated install script, the driver that’s bundled with the kernel isn’t quite right).

  2. Decompile their DTB, Change all references to IMX219 to IMX477 (ie RBPV2 to RBPV3, and 0x10 reg to 0x1a and recompile, either flashing it to kernel-dtb or referencing it in the extlinux.conf.

thnx! actually i got 5.0.2 working with imx477 motorized lens. I can share with you files if u want. but thank you.

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Yea, been stuck on that one, haven’t had the time to figure out the A205 for JP5 yet, so that’d be awesome.

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