Session Recordings - Graphics Virtualization Summit at GTC 2014

Mark your calendars! GTC 2015 will take place on April 28th to May 1st at the San Jose Convention Center.

If you missed the Graphics Virtualization Summit at GTC14 you can check out the session recordings here.

S4726 - Intro to Virtualization 101 -

S4783 - Virtual is Better than Physical – Delivering a Delightful User Experience from a Virtual Desktop -

S4903 - The State of the Industry: How GPU Technologies Are Set to Empower the VDI Experience -

S4725 - Delivering High-Performance Remote Graphics with NVIDIA GRID Virtual GPU -

S4637 - Simulation On Demand: Using GRID as a Platform to Develop Simulation-Based Training with a Distributed Team -

S4686 - NVIDIA GRID for VDI: How To Design And Monitor Your Implementation -

S4849 - Citrix 3D Engineering Cloud: A Practical Approach -

S4118 - Smackdown GPU Optimized VDI Solutions: 2014 Edition -

S4251 - Reality Check: GRID-Accelerated High-End Graphics Performance in Virtual Desktops -

S4715 - ArcGIS Pro - 3D GIS in Virtualized Environments -

S4948 - If You Build It, Will They Come? Better Question Is, Will They Stay? -

S4666 - Next Technology Steps for Applied Materials Global Engineering Collaboration Using CAD in the Cloud -

S4735 - Remote Graphics VDI for the Digital Factory at Gulfstream -

S4949 - LoginVSI: New Graphics Workloads For Industry standard Performance & Scalability Testing -

S4581 - Customer Experiences with GPU Virtualization and 3D Remoting -

S4782 - Anatomy of an Aerospace VDI Project: Discover, Plan and Implement a Large Scale VDI 3D GPU Project -

4850 - Explore Dell Wyse Datacenter’s Graphics Options for Virtual Desktop Computing -

Been trying to view some these sessions but getting a constant "Error Loading Media: File Not Found".

I am receiving the same error. Let me look into this for you.

Hi Cadger,

The issue should be resolved now and all of the above links should be working again.


Hi Victoria_Rege,

Non of the video links are working. Please help.


I’ve just updated Victoria’s post with working links, they should now all be accessible.

Hi everyone,

can you please provide links to the recordings of the GTC2015 virtualization track as well ?

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GTC 2015 Sesssions are here, you’ll need to filter for Graphics Virtualisation, there’s 47 sessions to choose from once you’ve filtered down, so 3x 2014’s sessions.