Set_actor_rigid_shape_properties doesn't work sometimes

I try to set the friction of a block using set_actor_rigid_shape_properties. This function returns true every time I call it. But later when I get the friction value from the block, it can be different from the value I assigned. (3.1 KB)

Here is a script. p_1 is the first value to be set and it can be set correctly. After I do another two friction assignments with random values, I set the value to p_1 again, it fails. And the friction value happens to be some value it has seen before. Any ideas about how to set friction value properly?

Hi @haosiqica

Indeed this is a bug in some code we have that tries to reduce the number of physics materials by reusing them - sometimes incorrectly. Unfortunately, it will be a little bit before we are able to release an update, but we do hope to have one out within a few weeks.

In the meantime, if you can avoid calling setActorRigidShapeProperties more than once that will avoid the problem.



Is this problem indeed have been solved in the latest IsaacGym release?

We’ve expreienced some issues with the domain randomization that was implemented in the IsaacGymEnvs repo. It seems the the the RigidShapeProperties (such as torsion_friction) can’t be changed once the asset is created.