Set compute mode without admin rights in Windows

Is it possible to set the compute mode on a K40C without being an admin on Windows Server 2012 R2?

I am able to change clock speed after the admin used >nvidia-smi -acp unrestricted. Is there anything similar for the compute mode?

Thank you.

Setting compute mode requires root privilege on linux, I’m pretty sure it requires admin privilege on windows. You can review the nvidia-smi help with --help or read the documentation which you can google for.

Thanks for the reply, txbob. I don’t see any way to set the compute mode without admin privilege.

With a user developed ‘sudo for Windows’ it seems to be possible:

(old-ish) documentation is here:
Seems sourceforge is currently under partly under maintenance. Otherwise documentation would be here:

Although that would mean you’d have to install that particular program on your system and configure it appropriately. It seems to follow a similar schema like the usual sudo command does in Linux systems.

I gave it a quick try and it seems to work to launch nvidia-smi and change the -dm option, which is an admin-only function. The only drawback is that because nvidia-smi is a command-line program, the window will self close after the change is made – i.e. it doesn’t launch command line programs in the same window.

Thanks for the information, vacaloca. I had no idea that such a program existed. I’ll share the info with my sys admin.