Set CSI Camera Metering Mode


Does nvarguscamerasrc has a parameter to set the metering mode of the camera?
Something similar to this:

(Taken from
It would be great, since I have a case using average metering (by default, I think) was not right and I need other metering mode. However, I didn’t find similar option in nvarguscamerasrc.
I was using Jetson Nano and IMX219 camera module with CSI connection.
I was using Python with cv2.VideoCapture using gstreamer backend.
Thank you.

I guess not, but you can find the argus API to check if any similar function.

Is argus API available in Python?
I found no documentation on how to call the argus API from Python in Jetson Nano with JetPack 4.3.

No, you can build argus APP to use those API,
Have a check with multimedia API sample code download by sdkmanager.

Sure, will check.
Thank you.