Set Jetson Nano to wake from deep sleep on time

I tried to search for it but didn’t find straight answer.
Is there a way, without connecting any excess hardware to the Jetson Nano, to set an alarm clock to wake Jetson from deep sleep every day to do something and then send it back to deep sleep until the next day? Say 12:00pm every day.

hello pkz111,

here’s a forum discussion thread you may refer to, Interrupts to Wake from Deep Sleep Mode (LP0/SC7).

Didn’t quite understand where you referred me to. Can you be more specific please?
I know how to do it with a Raspberry PI, but it requires me to connect RTC to it in order to wake it up.
Basically I want to know if I can schedule a job with a package like CronTab (supported by linux) on a specific time. After job finishes set Jetson Nano to sleep mode and when the time come wake him up again to run the scheduled job again, without connecting any excess hardware of course.
Is it possible on a Jetson Nano?

hello pkz111,

you might have a try to enable the Wake On Lan (WOL) functionality.
for your information,
WOL only supports with low power mode; you may put Nano into suspend mode and wake up through ethernet.

please also refer to this thread, Is wake on Lan supported? for reference,