Set monitor settings via NvAPI_I2CWrite()

Hello everyone,
i want to manipulate some monitor settings via ddc. I assumed that the right function to do that is NvAPI_I2CWrite()? If that’s right i have some questions about the parameter NV_I2C_INFO * pI2cInfo:

  1. How does the data in the buffer NV_I2C_INFO_V3::pbData need to be structured? I know the vcp code the value i want to write.

  2. I’ve set the NV_I2C_INFO_V3::i2cDevAddress field to 0x6e << 1. I assume that shouldn’t touch the first bit which might be set by the function NvAPI_I2CWrite or NvAPI_I2CRead?

  3. What is the NV_I2C_INFO_V3::displayMask? Is there a nvapi function i can call to retrieve that mask or is it the number displayed by windows on the monitor in the display configuration?

I am using the NVAPI version of September 2012.


You should read i2c.cpp file first. There is a answer what you want.