Set of commands to control the camera configuration using ISP

EO video AGC test .txt (7.3 KB)
Please see attached the configuration for nvarguscamerasrc.

We need a similar set of commands to control the camera configuration using ISP.

We would like to see a good visual image (and image for computer vision) for the following settings:

  1. We work in different day light conditions (Day, twilight, evening etc.) in outdoor environment on a drone.
  2. The configuration should be set once for most suitable conditions.
  3. The configuration can be in ISP or nvarguscamerasrc and works on an Nvidia Xavier NX with Ubuntu 18.4 Jetpack 5.1.1 version – we are working via Gstreamer but we prefer to “burn” the configuration and use it in all operations.
  4. We need a good white balance, autogain control, camera exposure/gain control on the fly, etc.

We will appreciate your help.

Thank you.

hello micha4,

as you can see… there’re properties to send the camera settings from nvarguscamerasrc to low-level driver.
you may use those for your camera use-case, or… you’re request for image quality tuning support?

Hi Jerry
Thank you for your answer.
My request is for image quality tuning support.


hello micha4,

we do not support image tuning via public forum discussion thread,
please contact with Jetson Camera Partners for camera solutions.

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