Set of DX12 commands causing Device hang - series 3000

I have encountered device hang problem in our engine which I have no explanation for and I’m suspecting it is driver issue.

It is caused by particular succession of DX12 commands, involving timestamp queries and copying of buffers on compute queue.

I have prepared minimal reproducible sample:

So far this sample crashes on:
GeForce RTX 3070, drivers 511.23
GeForce 3060 laptop, drivers 496.13

Works fine on:
NVidia 2070 Super, driver version 511.23
NVidia GTX 1660Ti (Laptop), driver version 462.80
any AMD card we have tried it on

Can you confirm it is indeed driver issue?

Hello, there is no response in more than a month.
Is there some better place or some contact where can I submit driver bugs?