Set persistent boot-configuration in CBoot at flasthing time


During boot i have the following output on the console:

[0002.165] E> tegrabl_cbo_parse_info: "boot-configuration" not found in CBO file.
[0002.172] I> Using default boot order
[0002.176] I> boot-dev-order :-
[0002.178] I>
[0002.180] I> 2.usb
[0002.182] I> 3.nvme
[0002.184] I> 4.emmc
[0002.186] I>
[0002.188] I> Hit any key to stop autoboot:	4	3	2	1

So it waits for a few seconds for user input before continuing with the default boot order. We’d like to

  1. reduce the wait time to 1s or even 500ms
  2. reduce the boot-order list to only contain emmc

for faster boot without unnecessary device probing first.

We tried to achieve the 2nd point with

TEGRA194 # printvar boot-order
I> boot-dev-order :-
I> 2.usb
I> 3.nvme
I> 4.emmc
TEGRA194 # setvar boot-order emmc
TEGRA194 # printvar boot-order
I> boot-dev-order :-
I> 1.emmc
TEGRA194 # boot

So it directly boots the EMMC without probing the other devices first. This only works for a single boot and doesn’t persist.

  1. Is there a way to set this variable in a persistent way ? Like doing a savevar or saveenv?
  2. Is there a similar variable for the number of seconds to wait on user input ?
  3. Is there a way to set this during flashing directly ?

Some infos i gathered suggest the last point could be achieved through a cbo.dts file in the CBO partition. Is there some more info/doc how to achieve this ? Does the CBO partition need to be ext4 or vfat formatted and contain a cbo.dts file at its root ? What is the format of the dts file ?

Also latter during the boot there is

[0008.708] I> L4T boot options                                                                           
[0008.708] I> [1]: "primary kernel"                                                                      
[0008.708] I> Enter choice:                        
[0011.709] I> Continuing with default option: 1

So again it waits for 3 seconds on user input. Is there a way to reduce this waiting to 1s or 500ms as well ?

Thanks and best regards.



No, looks like it does not have what you want. You could directly check the cboot source and modify to what you want.

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