Set stitching windows in nvcamerasrc

I notice that there is a “stitchConfig” property in nvcamerasrc plugin. Can someone elaborate more on how this property can be configured? I tried a simple gst pipeline but it doesn’t seem to work for me -

gst-launch-1.0 nvcamerasrc fpsRange=“30 30” sensor_id=0 stitchConfig=“0,0,0,1280,720,0,1280,0,1280,720” ! …

My intention is to replicate the same camera input so that I can create a source with 2560x720 frame size. But I got this error -

WARNING: erroneous pipeline: could not set property “stitchConfig” in element “nvcamerasrc0” to “0,0,0,1280,720,0,1280,0,1280,720”

I don’t know if this is feasible or not, or due to some setting error. I hope I can get some help.


Hi biyong,

The stitchConfig is a deprecated feature that will be removed from the daemon, and was mistakenly left in-place.
At this time, stitching of images should be done in software, outside of the daemon.