Set up a quorum blockchain node on Jetson Nvidia nano 2GB

I have set up a private blockchain on my PC by following the tutorial at Use QBFT | ConsenSys GoQuorum. Now, I want to add a new node to my Quorum blockchain using an Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB. I would like the Jetson Nano 2GB to function as a Quorum node. My objective is to send data from sensors to Quorum, and ensure that all nodes can access and view the sensor values.

I followed the tutorial mentioned at Add and remove QBFT validators | ConsenSys GoQuorum, but I encountered issues with it. I’m confused about why the tutorial suggests using the command npx quorum-genesis-tool --validators 1 --members 0 --bootnodes 0 --outputPath artifacts when I already have a genesis file on another machine. My intention is to initialize my node using the existing genesis file and configure it accordingly.

We don’t have experiences with Quorum, may other developers help to provide suggestions.

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