Set up doca_apsh_system

I am using DOCA SDK on my Bluefield and trying to set up doca_apsh_system struct to read memory on the host.
I write the following code according to the apsh documentation:

struct doca_apsh_ctx* ctx = doca_apsh_create();
int ret = doca_apsh_dma_dev_set(ctx, "mlx5_0");
if (ret != 0) return -1;

struct doca_apsh_system* system_handler = doca_apsh_system_create(ctx);
doca_apsh_sys_system_layer_set(system_handler, DOCA_APSH_LAYER_BARE_METAL);
doca_apsh_sys_pcidev_set(system_handler, 0);
doca_apsh_sys_os_symbol_map_set(system_handler, "Linux Ubuntu 20.04");
doca_apsh_sys_mem_region_set(system_handler, "/tmp/test");

ret = doca_apsh_system_start(system_handler);
if (ret != 0) return -1;

return 0;

The code crashes at doca_apsh_sys_mem_region_set with the error:

./lib/doca_apsh/libs/iSnap/src/mema.c:145:mema_open_device: i: 1, vport:0!!
…/lib/doca_apsh/libs/iSnap/src/mema.c:228:mema_get_introspection_mkey(): mema_introspection_mkey_access_allowed set to 1
introspection mkey 7936
mema_open_device: finished gracefully
Allocating HP
Huge page virtual address(0x4000000000000), size(0x200000)
AH: CQ handler = 4.
dma_key is 0x10e42

…/lib/doca_apsh/libs/iSnap/src/mem_pool.c:37:create_machine_mem_regions(): create_machine_mem_regions: Errorr while opening the file, make sure that mem_regions resided in current working directory fp = (nil).

What does the error mean? I think it is connected to the doca_apsh_sys_mem_region_set function. I read that I need to give the path to the file generated by the doca_system_mem_region tool, but I can’t find this tool anywhere on the host or on the Bluefield.
What should I do?

We met the same issue, is there any progress about this issue?