Set Up Jetson Nano Developer Kit

Going through JupyterLab and trying to establish USB camera (Logitech, but not C270). Make it through a few of the cells, lights come on from webcam, but no video. Do not understand the “library” referred to in the instructions. Contacted NVIDIA Support, said they won’t help me. Need to go to this blog board.

Any recommendations helpful.

Hi portableendo,

Please refer to below thread if can help on your issue:

Thank you kayccc for the link. In the interim I went to the original instructions (minus the micro USB power, I’m using a 5V 4A barrel jack with the jumper) and hooked up everything (USB mouse, keyboard and webcam (not C270); hdmi monitor and LAN connection. Everything worked fine. I was originally going through DLI and following the “headless” initial boot. Very problematic because I could not receive any feedback. No photo, no video. Only error message once trying to run widgets, just as stated in the thread post you provided.

The above link and thread suggests the browser might be the issue. Not sure if Windows 10 Edge was the issue or not as I also was doing the “headless” start up and therefore was running through my laptop, which is not a wired connection.
If Windows 10 Edge browser is an issue, I do think NVIDIA should provide some insight as this is obviously a common platform. If there are known communication issues with other browsers, shouldn’t the “Getting Started with Jetson Nano” include a slide recommending a browser that is known to work? Seems an easy fix in DLI.