set up non-standard baud rate on Jetson TK1

Is there anyone who is familiar with the serial or uart communication with a non-standard baud rate? I have serious problem on this and want help from you. thanks in andvance and sorry for my poor English.

I am only familiar with basics, but some comments might add to understanding the question.

The usual method of setting up serial rates from the linux operating system itself is “setserial” (package setserial). Note that the UART itself has certain speeds available, and the UART is incapable of selecting any other speed (even if other speeds were directly coded into the kernel these other speeds would fail). Unfortunately, the ability for setserial to state what it sees as a setting is somewhat indirect compared to the settings you may think of as a human. Data for port setup under setserial corresponds to hardware settings and does not allow more familiar formats like “1152008N1”.

You can install minicom and use the “cOnfigure minicom” (ctrl-a z o) option to set a port and then read minicom’s idea of port settings with the “Parameters” (ctrl-a z p) option to see human readable configuration. Minicom can be misleading if you mix up the difference between what minicom is set for and what the port minicom is using is actually functioning as.