Setting eDP panel rotation at a lower level

Is there a way to rotate an eDP panel at a lower level than xrandr? Our device holds a screen in portrait mode and we would like for the boot logo / console to be printed correctly, not just the ubuntu GUI.

The only example of this I was able to find was some code in

	dc->rotation = 90;

I tried manually hard-coding dc->out->rotation = 90 in dc.c and that did not appear to have any effect. What’s the proper way to rotate a screen like this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


I’ve tried this years ago on TX1.
Please note that when you do such hardware rotation in a hardcoded style, the upper userspace layer will not know your change.

It means it would cause the monitor looks still like a normal gnome desktop w/o rotation, but the actual button is shifted/rotated. I don’t think you want such usecase.

Also, boot logo is done in cboot, and it does not use the dc driver in kernel. It means if you want to configure the rotation, you need to do it in device tree.