Setting Global Flowcontrol with ESXi

How do you disable or enable global flowcontrol in Esxi 6.x with ConnextX-3 adapters?

VMware has KB1013413 which states to use one of two methods:

  1. Ethtool - if the adapter supports it. I get an error when trying to view or set flowcontrol on Mellanox adaptors (Can not get control fd: No such file or directory)
  • I assume that means the mellanox driver doesn’t support the ethtool. The command does work for intel Nics in the same server.
  1. Use the module parameters. But here I seem to be missing a global flow control.
  • I do have pfcrx and pfxtc options. Those are disabled but all the docs I read say that those settings do NOT disable flowcontrol globally.

So how what is the driver option to do this?